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Cooperative research is a fundamental requirement for the BSF and is viewed by the Foundation as active collaboration between Israeli and American scientists. A joint research program must be presented in the form of a single, coordinated proposal, in which the roles and tasks of the respective partners are clearly defined.  

Cooperation should involve joint planning of research and evaluation of results, and may take the form of:
  • Joint research activities where interdependent projects of a single program are conducted in different laboratories, and may involve shared funding or different sources of funding
  • Provision of research facilities, materials, equipment, and/or services to cooperating scientists
  • Exchange of personnel

Prior cooperation between the PIs is not a prerequisite, and the establishment of new research teams is welcomed by the BSF.

The BSF expects that the PIs from both countries will be involved in preparing the research proposal. When it is apparent that this was not the case, it is considered to indicate a lack of cooperation and it hinders the chances of the application being funded.

The BSF expects that true collaboration between the PIs will manifest itself in jointly authored publications, and/or jointly submitted patents, and/or jointly conducted seminars, etc. Lack of readily apparent joint scientific products in previous BSF grant(s) may negatively impact future BSF grants.
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