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The program

  • The workshop program is aimed at enabling leading American and Israeli scientists to meet in small groups and an intimate atmosphere to discuss state-of-the-art science. It is hoped that these encounters will lead to new collaborations between Israeli and American scientists, including new submissions of proposals to the regular BSF grants program.
  • The 2012 BSF workshop program will focus on bringing together Israeli, American and Palestinian scientists for the purpose of facilitating the development of partnership research projects. Please note that, as such, the present Call is not for a traditional workshop in which advances in a specific topic are discussed, but rather for creating an opportunity for the scientists to start preparing new research proposals. Applications for conventional workshops will not be approved.
  • Participation in BSF workshops is generally limited to Israeli and American scientists only, even if the participation of the other scientist(s) is supported by other sources. The BSF will not give partial or full support to international seminars, workshops or conferences. However, given the focus of the current workshop program, the BSF encourages and will support the participation of Palestinians in addition to Americans and Israelis.
  • Participation by other scientists may be accepted with prior approval by the BSF, if their participation will significantly enhance the goals of the workshop. However, BSF funds may not be used to support the participation of scientists other than Americans, Israelis and Palestinians.
  • The workshop may be held in Israel, the U.S. or in another location, such as another East Mediterranean or Middle East country. Locations such as Aqaba, East Jerusalem, Cyprus, etc., which may facilitate the participation of Palestinians, are encouraged.
  • Further details can be found in the current Call for Proposals

  • Submission of applications must be made together by American and Israeli scientists.
  • Scientists working in a non-profit organization, government institution or a for-profit enterprise are all eligible for submission.

  • The budget for each workshop is expected to be in the range of $25- 50,000.
  • Additional funds are welcome, and may be required if the BSF funding appears to be insufficient for the proposed program.
  • The BSF does not allow institutional overhead and/or scientists’ summer salaries (including for the organizers), or honorariums to participants.

Submission details
  • Applications are submitted online using the relevant BSF web-based submission system.
  • Be sure to download the full instructions for submitting a Workshop application from the website in the Guidelines and Forms section.


The program is on hold until further notice.

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