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DID YOU KNOW - Pet Scans
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Did You Know?
A BSF-funded partnership led to the successful use of PET scans for diagnosis of cancer

Thanks in part to a BSF-funded partnership between Tel Aviv University and Washington University, PET scans have become a mainstay in detecting cancer and other serious illnesses.
Today, the PET scan is one of the most basic diagnostic tools in cancer detection. But believe it or not, creation of the scan was almost abandoned years ago due to the lack of abundant short-lived isotopes required for the imaging. But then, with BSF support, scientists from Tel Aviv University worked with the group from Washington University that developed the PET to synthesize acetyl hypofluorite, a chemical compound that was immediately adopted by the NIH. This became the single most important compound for PET use for 15 years, and it secured further development of the PET until other sources were discovered.

This is just one example of how BSF partnerships impact the world in which we live. While most often used in relation to cancer, doctors have also relied on PET scans to help diagnose heart disease and brain disorders. Given their effectiveness and popularity, there’s no telling how many lives these PET images have helped to save.
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