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    1. Mid-Nov.: Online Submission
    2. Dec.-May: Peer Review
    3. May-June: Panel Meetings
    4. Early July: Notification

    The BSF Research Grants program is the main program of the BSF, and it funds both U.S. and Israeli scientists who wish to work together. In recent years the BSF has been receiving some 400 research grant applications annually, including start-up applications, approving about 100. At any given moment there are around 450 active grants in this program, and the total annual expenditure in this program is around $16 M.

    Applications to the program are made jointly by U.S. and Israeli researchers.  No prior cooperation is required, but the synergy between the researchers must be evident.

    Submissions to the program are made once annually in mid-November, but submission in any specific scientific discipline is allowed only each second year (See Areas of Research). The results are announced in early July of the following year, after the summer BSF Board meeting, in which the number of grants and their average size are determined. Traditionally, the board does not discuss specific proposals or fields.

    In today’s value, the BSF has awarded over $700 M. to over 5,400 joint U.S.-Israel research programs of the highest quality, since it was founded in 1972.

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