BSF Climate Solutions: Evaluation & Selection Criteria

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    Evaluation & Selection Criteria

    1. Panel Evaluation Pre-Proposals
    2. Selection Full Proposals
    3. Ad-Hoc Reviews Full Proposals
    4. Panels Evaluations
    5. Final Decisions Board of Governors

    The applications in this program will undergo a review and selection process different from the conventional one practiced by the BSF in its regular grant program.

    1. A cross-disciplinary science panel consisting of Israeli and American experts and leaders in their respective fields, is formed. Panel members will be tasked with the evaluation of pre-proposals during the first panel meeting, and select the ones that will be invited to submit a full proposal.
    2. The next task of the panel members is to assign external reviewers for each of the full applications for which they are responsible. Each application is assigned to 2 panel members.
    3. BSF staff will seek a minimum of four external reviews (stemming from different disciplines) for each application and, as much as possible, reviews will cover the various disciplinary aspect of the proposed study.
    4. After the external reviews are received, panel members will prepare a review summary for each proposal and add their own recommendations. BSF staff performs compliance checks of all reviews and summaries, closely following the process.
    5. The panel will convene for second meeting during which full proposals are evaluated, resulting in award/decline recommendations that will certified by the BSF Board of Governors.
    6. The final decision for funding lies with the BSF Board of Governors.

    Award/decline decision, along with copies of the external reviews and panel summaries, will be made available to the PIs.