NSF-BSF Research Grants: Submission

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    1. US PI Submits to the NSF
    2. Israeli PI Submits to the BSF
    3. Research Authority Approves
    4. BSF Compliance Check


    Eligibility to participate in the NSF –BSF program by a U.S. and Israeli Scientists are subject to the regular regulations of the respective foundation.

    • An Israeli scientist is permitted to submit up to two NSF-BSF applications each academic year (1 Oct – 30 Sept.). 
    • An Israeli with an active BSF research grant is allowed to submit an application to any of the NSF-BSF programs.
    • An Israeli with an active NSF-BSF grant is allowed to submit one more NSF-BSF application. In any case, at any given time an Israeli scientist can only be involved in two proposals/grants simultaneously.
    • Israeli scientists will be allowed to submit both to an NSF-BSF program and the regular BSF program, including similar applications. In the event that they are awarded a grant in both programs, they will be funded in both, unless the research application is mostly similar, in which case only their NSF-BSF program will be funded.
    • In case of similar NSF-BSF and regular BSF applications, in which the NSF evaluation was not completed by the time the regular BSF awards are made, the BSF will defer its decision regarding a possible grant to this application, until the NSF-BSF awards are announced.

    Financial Terms

    • The size of the grant can be up to $80,000/year for an experimental project and up to $55,000/year for a theoretical project. The duration of the grant to the Israeli will be the same as that of the NSF grant to the American PI (in most cases 3 years, but occasionally up to 5 years).
    • BSF money cannot be used for the U.S. side of the grant, even not for travel of the US PI to Israel.
    • All other terms are similar to those of the BSF regular research grants program.
    • The terms of the grants to the U.S. scientists are determined by the NSF.

    Submission Information

    The following are the current principles that guide the various NSF-BSF programs. However, for the specifics of each program, please use the links to read the relevant Call for Proposals:

    1. The U.S. and Israeli PIs write together a scientific proposal. The research plan must describe the role of the Israeli partner and why his/her role is important.
    2. The U.S. PI will upload the bio sketch and budget of the Israeli partner to the NSF online system.
    3. The application is submitted to the NSF by the U.S. PI (alone), in most cases to the divisional core program of interest. A few days later the Israeli PI (only) submits an application to the BSF, which includes the PDF of the NSF application. The BSF application does not require approval/signature by the U.S. PI.
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