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    1. Mid-Nov.: Online Submission
    2. Dec.-May: Peer Review
    3. May-June: Panel Meetings
    4. Early July: Notification

    The Start-Up Grant Program is meant to help newly appointed researchers who are beginning their independent research careers and may not yet have initial results to substantiate their application. Grants are for two years, in order to enable the grantees to submit a standard application to the next competition in their area of research. It is implemented within the framework of the regular BSF Research Grants program, i.e., it must exhibit scientific excellence, have a strong element of cooperation between Israeli and American scientists, and fall within the areas of research supported in that year by the BSF. In addition, at least one of the principal investigators should have attained his/her Ph.D., M.D. degree or equivalent, no more than ten years prior to submitting his/her proposal. To allay any doubts, we use the terms ‘Senior PI’ and ‘Junior PI’, referring to the established scientist and the one in the first stages of his/her independent career.

    Start-Up proposals are submitted in the same manner as applications for the BSF Research Grant Program, and undergo the standard BSF evaluation process.

    Start-Up Grant applications compete for funding together with the standard BSF Research Grant applications. The BSF has no special funds set aside for these grants. Nevertheless, Start-Up applications traditionally have a higher rate of success as compared with standard applications.

    Finally, if you are qualified to submit a start-up application, it does not mean that you are required to. You are certainly permitted to submit an application for a regular four year grant, and many young scientists choose to do so.

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