The Prof. Rahamimoff Travel Grants for Young Scientists: Submission

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    1. Approved by the Institution
    2. Institution emails to the BSF


    • Applicants must be conducting supervised research towards a Ph.D. in an accredited higher education institution, or in a non-profit research institution (government or other, including hospitals).
    • Applicants submitting before their Ph.D. research program/plan has been formally approved, or being in their last year of the Ph.D. program, are not eligible for a grant.
    • The BSF will only accept applications that are in the scientific fields it supports (see Areas of Research). All fields supported by the BSF can be submitted each year.
    • Applicants must be 35 years old, or younger.
    • Applicants must be U.S. or Israeli citizens/permanent residents.
    • Israeli and American students doing research in the other country are not eligible to apply.
    • A student who was previously awarded a grant in this program is not allowed to submit again. A student who applied but did not receive a grant is allowed to resubmit.

    Financial Terms

    • The budget for each trip is fixed at $6,000 and will  cover travel costs and per-diem expenses. Trips are limited to 2 months.
    • The BSF will not provide funding for institutional overhead.

    Submission Information

    • Both Israeli and American students must submit through the university from which they will graduate. Students who are doing their research at a hospital or other research institution, must also submit their applications through the university from which they will graduate.
    • Each university will be limited to no more than 5 applicants.

    Required Material:

    • Cover and signature page. The form must be completed in 12-point font and 1.5 line spacing. Since it is not protected, the applicants are requested to make sure that the top and bottom letterheads are not lost.
    • Signatures
      The cover page must be signed in the proper places by:

      1. The applicant
      2. The institutional authority of the university (must also include email address!)
    • Letter of support from the applicant’s supervisor.
    • Letter of acceptance and support from the intended host scientist.
    • CV of the applicant.
    • All items should be submitted as one complete Word or PDF file.

    Applications must be submitted by email ( with all of the required material as an attachment in Word or PDF format.

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