Prof. Rahamimoff Travel Grants: Notification

Prof. Rahamimoff Travel Grants

  • Notification



    Applicants and their institutions are informed of the results by mail, a few days after the panel meeting (about two months after the submission).


    The trip must be identical to the one described in the application, and has to be carried out within one year from notification of the grant. Any deviation needs to be approved in advance by the BSF.


    When a request is made, the travel funds are transferred to the institution in a single installment.


    A short report in free style must be written by the grantees, approved and submitted using email by the research authority of the grantee’s institution. The report should include a short description of the research/study, with reference to the detailed objectives of the grant as they appeared in the application. A brief fiscal (expense) report by the research authority must also be included.