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    Payment procedures for BSF and NSF-BSF research grants are as follows:

    For first year:

    • Upon signing of the Agreement, 75% of the approved budget for the first year.

    For each subsequent year:

    Payments are conditional upon the approval of both science and fiscal reports:

    • Upon submission of the annual scientific report of the previous year, the BSF will notify the grantee of the approved budget for the current year and will forward 25% of the amount.
    • Upon submission of previous year’s annual fiscal report, 50% of the approved budget for the current year and the balance of the budget approved for the previous year, subject to fiscal reports showing justification for additional payments.
    • Each approved annual budget will be amended to the Agreement as Annex II-B and as an integral part thereof.

    Final payment:

    • Upon submission of the final fiscal and scientific reports, the remaining 25% of the budget, subject to the full expenditure of previous payments.
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