…that Israeli and U.S. scientists developed a glue that could prove effective for healing bodily tissues? Thanks to a team of Israeli and American researchers, doctors might one day glue their patients’ bodily tears and injuries back together. As part of a BSF-funded project, researchers at the Technion-Israel Institute of Technology and Boston Children’s Hospital have developed a hot-glue gun to repair torn human tissues. The gun warms the glue to a moderate temperature, reducing chances of adverse reactions. Read more here.

…that everyday products like shampoo and soap could be critical to the advancement of nanotechnology? BSF funded research between Rice University in Houston and Technion-Israel Institute of Technology supported the discovery of an unconventional method of unclumping stubbornly cohesive boron nitride nanotubes and manipulating them into incredibly efficient insulating material for sophisticated electronics, protective shields, composite material reinforcements and biomedical applications. Read more here.

…that BSF-supported research provides promising results in male fertility? Thousands of young boys undergoing sterilizing doses of chemotherapy or radiation could possibly preserve their fertility thanks to a BSF-supported experimental process of freezing testicular tissue. This study, which “presents a message of hope to the families,” includes former BSF grantees Prof. Kyle E. Orwig (senior author) from University of Pittsburgh School of Medicine, and Ben-Gurion University of the Negev professors and co-authors Eitan Lunenfeld and Mahmoud E. Huleihel – all three of whom collaborated on a four-year BSF Medicine grant on, “Preservation of Male Fertility,” in 2011. Read more here.

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