Dr. Yair Rotstein, Executive Director of the U.S.-Israel Binational Science Foundation

If there is one word that ties the articles in this issue of Vision together, it would be opportunities.

As part of BSF’s expanding partnership with the United States National Science Foundation (NSF), BSF is now permitting Israeli researchers to submit up to two proposals simultaneously for NSF-BSF grants, as long as one application involves any of the following fields: Cyber Security/Privacy, Molecular/Cellular Biology, Integrative Biological Systems, Environmental Biology, Earth Sciences, Electrical/Communications/Cyber Systems, Chemical Engineering/Energy, Marine Geology/Geophysics, Ceramics, or Condensed Matter/Materials Theory.

This means more funding opportunities for Israeli applicants in the above fields, because they are no longer limited to just one application or grant per year. If they already hold a grant, they can now submit an additional application.

There’s even more good news: BSF is pleased to announce that NSF-BSF program funding will be increased for Israeli applicants to match Israel Science Foundation grants.

As a member of both the NSF-BSF Steering Committee and the BSF Board of Governors, Yeshayahu “Ishi” Talmon is a major supporter of these changes. You will meet him in this issue and see how BSF grants have helped him throughout his extraordinary career in science and technology.

In this issue, we also highlight the contributions of Arab Israelis who have received BSF grants. At a time when there is so much misunderstanding about Israel, there are those who might not be aware that at BSF, we proudly accept grant applications from Israelis of diverse backgrounds.

As you will see, these scientists are playing a major role in U.S.-Israeli projects that could well have major impacts on our lives and the world around us. At BSF, we proudly give them opportunities (there is that word again) to form productive, meaningful partnerships with U.S. scientists and researchers.

We know that when scientists of diverse cultures work together to answer important questions, the whole world stands to benefit. So, here’s to even more opportunities – for Israelis of all backgrounds, and for their U.S. partners.


Yair Rotstein
Executive Director