Latest round of BSF grants include funding for more than 100 new projects

At a time when the need for first-rate scientific research and solutions has never been so urgent, BSF has just awarded close to $19 million in support of U.S.-Israel collaborative research, including first-year funding for more than 100 exciting new scientific projects.

These latest grantees join the more than 5,400 research projects funded by BSF to the tune of $700 million since its inception almost five decades ago. BSF is committed to funding exceptional talent in synergistic U.S.-Israel collaborations to nurture scientific curiosity and share expert knowledge.

This year’s new awards came from the following scientific disciplines:

  • Mathematics
  • Physics
  • Chemistry
  • Materials Science
  • Energy
  • Environmental Science
  • Economics
  • Sociology
  • Psychology
  • Computer Science
  • Earth, Atmospheric & Oceanography Sciences

With an overall success rate of more than 26 percent (and 30 percent for early career start-up grants!), BSF provides opportunities for both young and established scientists to focus on their intellectual pursuits and expand their professional networks.

Thanks to all of the top-notch applicants who submitted 380 proposals this year and kudos to the winning grant recipients!

Want to know who the new BSF grantees are? Click here for details.