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    Past, present, and future of tetrapod biodiversity dimensions

    Prof. Meiri Shai Tel Aviv University Israel

    Dr. Roll Uri Ben Gurion University Israel

    Prof. Wiens John University of Arizona USA

    Prof. Gittleman John University of Georgia, Research Foundation Inc. USA

    Dr. Stephens Patrick Oklahoma State University USA

    Area of Research: Life Science - Ecology | Spatial ecology, Biodiversity and Large-scale ecology
    Keywords: Conservation, Diversification, land vertebrates, Macroecology, Macroevolution, Morphology, Squamata, traits
    2021 | 2021030 | $244000
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    A novel Pro-tein quality control mechanism: investigating the cooperation between dipeptidyl peptidases and UBR E3 ligases in elimination of mislocalized membrane proteins

    Dr. Koren Itay Bar Ilan University Israel

    Prof. Elledge Stephen Brigham & Women`s Hospital USA

    Area of Research: Life Science - Cell and Developmental Biology | Protein Degradation
    Keywords: dipeptidyl peptidase (DPP), UBR E3 ligases, protein degradation, protein quality control pathways, N-degron pathway, ubiquitination, degron
    2021 | 2021029 | $75000
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    Defining the role of interleukin 1b in host manipulation by Salmonella Typhimurium

    Dr. Bel Shai Bar Ilan University Israel

    Prof. Winter Sebastian The Regents of the University of California USA

    Area of Research: Life Science - Microbiology | Infectious Diseases
    Keywords: Salmonella Typhimurium Innate immunity Microbiota Pathogen Colitis IL-1b SCFA
    2021 | 2021025 | $284000
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  • Startup

    Development of non-invasive whole-body imaging platforms to genetically track hematopoietic stem and progenitor cells

    Dr. Vandoorne Katrien Technion - Israel Institute of Technology Israel

    Prof. Gilad Assaf Michigan State University USA

    Area of Research: Biomedical Engineering | Biological Systems and Signals, Control Systems and Imaging
    Keywords: Hematopoietic stem and progenitor cells, reporter genes, Bioluminescence, MRI, inflammation
    2021 | 2021021 | $85000
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    Establishing a novel mechanobiological model of C. elegans gonad morphogenesis

    Prof. Zaidel-Bar Ronen Tel Aviv University Israel

    Prof. Cram Erin Northeastern University USA

    Area of Research: Life Science - Cell and Developmental Biology | Cell Adhesion & Migration
    Keywords: organogenesis, gonad, morphogenesis, C. elegans, germline, cell migration, distal tip cell, invasion
    2021 | 2021014 | $174000
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    Identifying mechanisms of basal stem cell delamination and differentiation in the mouse incisor

    Dr. Sharir Amnon The Hebrew University Israel

    Dr. Hu Jimmy University of California, Los Angeles USA

    Area of Research: Life Science - Cell and Developmental Biology | Cell Differentiation
    Keywords: dental stem cells, differentiation, stratified epithelia, actomyosin, Notch signaling
    2021 | 2021007 | $284000
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    Characterization of the molecular networks controlling pericarp morphogenesis

    Dr. Goldshmidt Alexander Agricultural Research Organization Israel

    Prof. Rose Jocelyn Cornell University USA

    Area of Research: Life Science - Plant Sciences | Morphogenesis & Development
    Keywords: Fleshy fruit, Tomato, Pericarp development, CLASS-II KNOX, Pericarp anatomy
    2021 | 2021003 | $213000
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  • Startup

    Stressed Disks: Modeling Inner Accretion Flows in Tidal Disruption Events

    Dr. Stone Nicholas The Hebrew University Israel

    Prof. Zabludoff Ann University of Arizona USA

    Area of Research: Physics | Astronomy; Astrophysics; Cosmology
    Keywords: black holes, accretion disks, tidal disruption events
    2020 | 2020397 | $75000
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    Fluorinated molecules for organic SERS sensing

    Prof. Van der Boom Milko Weizmann Institute of Science Israel

    Dr. Lahav Michal Weizmann Institute of Science Israel

    Prof. Facchetti Antonio Northwestern University USA

    Area of Research: Chemistry | Organic based nanomaterials; polymers; other materials
    Keywords: organic semiconductors, sensing, surface enhanced Raman spectroscopy (SERS),
    2020 | 2020384 | $270000
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    A risky day: Identifying socio-emotional states that precipitate risky behaviors in adolescents’ real lives

    Dr. Arbel Reout The University of Haifa Israel

    Dr. Chaspari Theodora Texas A&M University USA

    Area of Research: Psychology (Except Psychobiology) | Developmental - Child Psychopathology
    Keywords: Risky behaviors, daily data, adolescents
    2020 | 2020383 | $216000
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    Enhancing sequestration of heavy metals using exopolysaccharides produced by cyanobacteria grown at ultra-high CO2 levels

    Dr. Kamennaya Nina Ben Gurion University Israel

    Prof. Cohen Michael Sonoma State University USA

    Area of Research: Environmental research (air,water,soil) | Water pollution (identification, measurement, management and control)
    Keywords: extracellular polysaccharides, heavy metals, calcification, cyanobacteria
    2020 | 2020365 | $75000
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    Cycles of drought and floods during past interglacials in the East Mediterranean-Levant

    Prof. Stein Mordechai Geological Survey of Israel Israel

    Dr. Kushnir Yochanan Columbia University; Lamont-Doherty Observatory USA

    Prof. Goldstein Steven The Trustees of Columbia Univ in the City of NY USA

    Dr. Kiro Yael Weizmann Institute of Science Israel

    Area of Research: Atmospheric, Ocean & Earth sciences | Geochemistry
    Keywords: paleoclimate , late Quaternary, Dead Sea, ICDP, Saprope
    2020 | 2020364 | $270000
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    Algorithms and Tradeoffs for Shortest Paths Problems in Networks

    Prof. Roditty Liam Bar Ilan University Israel

    Prof. Williams Virginia Massachusetts Institute of Technology USA

    Prof. Zwick Uri Tel Aviv University Israel

    Area of Research: Computer sciences | Algorithms; Data Structures
    Keywords: Graph, Algorithms, Shortest Path, Shortest Cycle, Diameter
    2020 | 2020356 | $188800
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    Induction Assisted Oxygen Reduction Reaction in Acidic Medium

    Prof. Zitoun David Bar Ilan University Israel

    Prof. Stamenkovic Vojislav University of California, Irvine USA

    Area of Research: Exact and Physical Sciences | Energy research
    Keywords: Electrocatalysis; Nanoparticle; Fuel cell; superparamagnetism
    2020 | 2020352 | $253600
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    Peptide catalysts with amino acid-embedded benzylaminopyridine active unit for boosting site-selectivity in diol and polyol modifications

    Prof. Portnoy Moshe Tel Aviv University Israel

    Prof. Miller Scott Yale University USA

    Area of Research: Chemistry | Synthetic, catalytic & organometallic chemistry
    Keywords: catalysis, organocatalysis, peptide catalysis, site-selectivity, dendritic catalysis, polyols
    2020 | 2020345 | $237600
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