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Grant History List of Grants (Research Program)
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Total of 1946 grants
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Application No. (year)TitleInvestigatorsAORYearsGrant Amount ($US)
2016424 (2016) Randomness in Machine Learning
Prof. Jaakkola Tommi, Massachusetts Institute of Technology, USA.
Dr. Hazan Tamir, Technion - Israel Institute of Technology, Israel.
Computer sciences4132000
2016419 (2016) Distributed Verification
Prof. Pandurangan Gopal, University of Houston , USA.
Prof. Kutten Shay, Technion - Israel Institute of Technology, Israel.
Computer sciences4132000
2016418 (2016) Startup Encouraging Entrepreneurship and Local Economic Growth
Prof. Hochberg Yael V, Rice University , USA.
Dr. Fehder Daniel, University of Southern California , USA.
Dr. Hausman Naomi, The Hebrew University, Israel.
2016417 (2016) Form, Process and Evolution of Carbonate Hillslopes in sub-Humid Climate
Prof. Roering Josh, University of Oregon , USA.
Dr. Haviv Itai, Ben Gurion University , Israel.
Atmospheric, Ocean & Earth sciences496800
2016414 (2016) Hardness of Approximation, New PCPs and the Grassmann graph
Prof. Khot Subhash, New York University, USA.
Prof. Safra Shmuel, Tel Aviv University , Israel.
Computer sciences488000
2016407 (2016) Thermal and hot electron effects in nanoplasmonic devices
Prof. Khurgin Jacob, Johns Hopkins University , USA.
Prof. Levy Uriel, The Hebrew University, Israel.
2016405 (2016) The Role of Sex in Relationship Formation and Maintenance
Prof. Reis Harry T, University of Rochester , USA.
Prof. Birnbaum Gurit, Interdisciplinary Center, Israel.
Psychology (Except Psychobiology)4154000
2016403 (2016) coral thermal adaptation in the Red Sea
Dr. Barshis Daniel J, Old Dominion University , USA.
Prof. Fine Maoz J, Bar Ilan University, Israel.
Oceanography & limnology3158400
2016402 (2016) High resolution paleomagnetic and environmental-magnetic records from the Israeli speleothem archive
Dr. Feinberg Joshua, University of Minnesota, USA.
Dr. Shaar Ron, The Hebrew University, Israel.
Atmospheric, Ocean & Earth sciences4198000
2016399 (2016) Startup Jet Impingement Boiling in Micro-domains
Prof. Ziskind Gennady, Ben Gurion University , Israel.
Dr. Putnam Shawn A, The Univ of Central Florida Res Foundation, Inc., USA.
Energy research260000

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