Professor E.D. Bergmann Award

Professor E.D. Bergmann played a leading role in the establishment of the United States-Israel Binational Science Foundation, and he was deeply involved in its activities.  He served in consecutive years as chairman and vice chairman of the BSF Board of Governors until his death in 1975.

Professor Bergmann was recognized internationally for his significant contribution to organic chemistry.  He also helped establish science institutions, foundations and other organizations that served to advance science and technology in Israel.  One of his special interests was the encouragement of and assistance to young scientists. Seeking a way to honor his memory, the Board of Governors established in February 1976 a special award in his name, to be given annually to promising young scientists.

The award – The Bergmann Memorial Award consists of a $10,000 grant.  Awards will be made annually to young scientists who are recipients of new BSF grants, judged by the quality of their proposals.

Eligibility – Eligible candidates are recipients of newly awarded BSF grants who earned their PhD/MD degrees within the past ten years on the date of submission. For an MD-PhD this is the date of the earliest degree.

Application – No special applications need be made.  Every new BSF grant recipient who meets the eligibility criteria automatically becomes a candidate.

Selection – The selection is made by BSF officers and is approved by the Board of Governors. Awards may be made out to multiple investigators, based on the intellectual merit of their proposals. In the event that none of the candidates meets the selection criteria in a given year, no award will be made.

Terms of the Award – The Bergmann Memorial Awards are given in addition to the investigators’ regular BSF grants. The funds may be used by recipients to further their research in any way they choose – subject to the approval of the BSF – at any time during the period of their BSF grants.

  • 2023

    • Collaborating with
        Prof. Itai Ater, Tel Aviv University, Israel
        Dr. Adi Shany, Tel Aviv University, Israel

      Does road pricing reduce congestion, and how?

      Lay Abstract
    • Collaborating with
        Dr. David Donoho, Stanford University, USA

      Detecting rare changes in large and sparse contingency tables

      Lay Abstract
    • Modeling and Analysis of Heavy Hydrocarbon Liquid Fuel Spray Detonations

      Lay Abstract
  • 2022

    • Collaborating with
        Prof. Assaf Gilad, Michigan State University - U.S.A.

      Development of non-invasive whole-body imaging platforms to genetically track hematopoietic stem and progenitor cells

      Lay Abstract
    • rRNA Methylation as a Rheostat for Translational Control by One-Carbon Metabolism

      Lay Abstract
    • Collaborating with
        Prof. Laura Stone, University of Minnesota, U.S.A.

      DNA methylation contributes to prenatal maternal stress-associated pain hyper-sensitivity in adulthood

      Lay Abstract
  • 2021

    • Collaborating with
        Prof. Dacher Keltner, University of California - Berkeley, U.S.A.

      The emergence of the cooperative and coercive paths to power; a comparative, cross-cultural, and developmental investigation

      Lay Abstract
  • 2020

    • Collaborating with
        Prof. David Reich, Harvard Medical School, USA

      Life in the late Neolithic-Chalcolithic Levant: genetic and anthropological insight

      Lay Abstract
    • Molecular mechanisms of phagocyte-driven virulence of Shiga toxin-carrying pathogens

      Lay Abstract
  • 2019

    • Collaborating with
        Prof. Erik Brynjolfsson, Massachusetts Institute of Technology, USA

      The economic impacts of data-driven decision-making on small-to-medium businesses

      Lay Abstract
    • Collaborating with
        Prof. Roy Luria, Tel Aviv University, Israel

      Interactions between visual working memory and long term memory in visual search and updating vs. resetting processes

      Lay Abstract
  • 2018

    • Synthetic promoters to characterize cancer

      Lay Abstract
    • Collaborating with
        Prof. Daniel Kornitzer, Technion, Israel

      Heme trafficking in fungal pathogens

      Lay Abstract
  • 2017

    • Collaborating with
        Prof. Olexei Motrunich, California Institute of Technology, USA

      Novel phases in topological systems: From half-filled Landau levels to Weyl semimetals

      Lay Abstract
    • Collaborating with
        Prof. Clark Chinn, Rutgers, USA

      Modeling Epistemic Growth

      Lay Abstract
  • 2016

    • Determining RNA editing function

      Lay Abstract
    • Collaborating with
        Prof. Nadav Ahituv, UCSF, USA

      Comparative Genomics of Bat and Mouse Limb Development

      Lay Abstract
  • 2015

      • Dr. Tali Mass University of Haifa, Israel
        Personal Homepage
      • Prof. Diane Adams Rutgers, State University of New Jersey, USA

      Coral Biomineralization

    • Collaborating with
        Prof. Ariel Rubinstein, Tel Aviv University, Israel

      Abstract Competitive Equilibrium

  • 2014

    • Stress, development and animal personality

    • Collaborating with
        Prof. David Poeppel , New York University, USA

      Attention and distraction at a Cocktail Party

    • Collaborating with
        Prof. David Shoemaker, University of Tennessee, USA

      Hybridization genomics of introduced fire ant species

  • 2013

    • Collaborating with
        Prof. Uri Banin, The Hebrew University, Israel

      Hybrid Nanoparticles of wurtzite-Copper Indium Sulfide

    • Collaborating with
        Prof. Ali Yazdani, Princeton University, USA
        Prof. Robert Cava, Princeton University, USA

      Edge and Surface States in Interleaved Two and Three Dimensional Topological Insulators

  • 2012

    • Collaborating with
        Dr. Carmit Levy, Tel Aviv University, Israel

      Defining and Treating miRNA-based dysregulation in Melanoma

      • Dr. Josue Sznitman Technion - Israel Institute of Technology, Haifa, Israel
      Collaborating with
        Prof. Paulo Arratia, University of Pennsylvania, USA
        Prof. Todd Lamitina, University of Pittsburgh, USA

      Biomechanical Profiling of C. elegans motility

  • 2011

      • Dr. Hanna Halaburda Harvard University, USA
      Collaborating with
        Dr. Yaron Yehezkel, Tel Aviv University, Israel

      Platform Competition under Asymmetric Information

      • Dr. Emanuel Milman Technion - Israel Institute of Technology, Haifa, Israel
        Personal Homepage
      Collaborating with
        Dr. Grigorios Paouris, Texas A&M University, USA

      The Hierarchy of Mass Concentration on Convex Bodies

    • Collaborating with
        Dr. Alon Rosen, Interdisciplinary Center Herzeliya, Isael

      Fast Cryptography From Algebraic Lattices

  • 2010

    • Collaborating with
        Dr. Scott Small, Columbia University, NY, USA
        Dr. Stephen Rayport, Columbia University, NY, USA

      Glud1 deficiency in animal model of schizophrenia

    • Collaborating with
        Prof. Charles Richardson, Harvard Medical School, USA

      Bacteriophage-host interactions

  • 2009

    • Collaborating with
        Dr. Michael Bendikov, Weizmann Institute of Science, Israel

      Organic Solar Cells Based on Novel Polyselenophenes

    • The role of directed information in causal inference

  • 2008

    • Collaborating with
        Prof. Janet Stein, University of Massachusetts, USA

      Wwox in bone biology and cancer

    • Collaborating with
        Prof. Thalma Lobel, Tel Aviv University, Israel

      Rearing patterns and kin-directed behaviors

  • 2007

    • Collaborating with
        Prof. Raymond Tung, CUNY, Brooklyn College, USA

      Electron Transport Through Conductor/Molecular Film/Semiconductor Systems

    • Collaborating with
        Dr. Mendel Manor, Open University, Ra'anana, Israel

      Geometric techniques for the analysis and design of algorithms on metric data

  • 2006

    • Collaborating with
        Prof. Periannan Kuppusamy, Ohio State University Medical Center, USA

      Biophysical and Medical Applications of ESR Microscopy

    • Collaborating with
        Prof. Golan Shahar, Ben Gurion University, Israel

      Development Under Duress: A Transactional-Ecological Model of Adolescent Risk and Resilience View PDF

  • 2005

    • Collaborating with
        Prof. Subhash Khot, New York University NY, USA

      Inapproximability, Unique Games, and Analysis of Boolean Functions

  • 2004

    • Collaborating with
        Prof. Ran Hassin, Hebrew University, Jerusalem, Israel

      Ideological and Automatic: Studies on the Cognitive Mechanics of Ideologies

    • Collaborating with
        Dr. James Russell, National Institute of Health, Bethesda, USA

      Physiological Role of the Zinc Sensing Receptor in the Brain

  • 2003

    • Collaborating with
        Prof. Amihay Hanany, Massachusetts Institute of Technology, Cambridge MA, USA

      Quantum Field Theory, Exactly Conformal Deformations and Quiver Field Theories

    • Collaborating with
        Prof. Victor Steinberg, Weizmann Institute of Science, Rehovot, Israel

      Turbulent Mixing and Enhancement of Efficiency of Chemical Reactions

      • Prof. Ganapathiraman Ramanath Renselaer Polytechnic Institute, Troy, NY, USA
        Personal Homepage
      Collaborating with
        Prof. Moshe Eizenberg, Technion - Israel Institute of Technology, Haifa, Israel

      Self-Assembled Diffusion and Adhesion Enhancers for Cu Metallization in Microelectronics Devices

  • 2002

    • Collaborating with
        Prof. Chris Kaiser, Massachusetts Institute of Technology, Cambridge MA, USA

      Structures and Mechanisms of Enzymes that Generate Disulfide Bonds

    • Collaborating with
        Prof. Marisa Carrasco, New-York University, NY, USA

      The Adaptability of Attentional Mechanisms

  • 2001

    • Collaborating with
        Dr. Eberhard Fetz, University of Washington, Seattle WA, USA
        Dr. Steve Perlmutter, University of Washington, Seattle WA, USA

      Firing Properties and Functional Interactions of Primate Spinal Interneurons

    • Collaborating with
        Prof. Charles Lieber, Harvard University, Cambridge MA, USA
        Dr. Gene Dresselhaus, Massachusetts Institute of Technology, Cambridge MA, USA

      Stereochemistry of Carbon Nanotubes: Microscopic and Spectroscopic Studies

    • Collaborating with
        Dr. Yair Minsky, Stony Brook SUNY, Stony Brook NY, USA

      Dynamics of Parameter Spaces

  • 2000

    • Collaborating with
        Prof. Louis Brus, Columbia University, NY USA

      Self Assembly of Semiconductor Nanocrystals

    • Collaborating with
        Prof. Alan Frieze, Carnegie-Mellon University, Pittsburgh PA, USA

      Problems in Random Graphs and their Algorithmic Aspects

    • Relations Between Quantum Field Theories and String Theories

  • 1999

      • Prof. Oded Agam Hebrew University, Jerusalem, Israel
        Personal Homepage
      • Prof. Igor Aleiner State University of New York, Stony Brook, NY, USA

      Interaction Effects in Chaotic Systems

    • Collaborating with
        Prof. Avi Loeb, Harvard University, Cambridge MA, USA

      Interaction of Gamma-Ray Bursts with their Surrounding Medium

    • Collaborating with
        Prof. Melvin Simon, California Institute of Technology, Pasadena CA, USA

      The Role of the Human Homologoues of rdgB in Retinal Degeneration

  • 1998

    • Collaborating with
        Dr. Ron Naaman, Weizmann Institute, Rehovot, Israel
        Dr. Veronica Vaida, University of Colorado, Boulder CO, USA

      Electronic Effects in Reactions of van der Waals Molecules

    • Rational and Semi-Rational Learning - Theory and Applications

    • Collaborating with
        Dr. George Papanicolaou, Stanford University, Stanford CA, USA

      Perturbed and Weak Solutions of the Nonlinear Schrodinger Equation

    • Collaborating with
        Dr. Victor Vianu, University of California, San Diego, La Jolla CA, USA
        Prof. Dan Suciu. Bell Telephone Laboratories, Florham Park, USA

      Schema Specification and Query Evaluation in Loosely Structured Data

  • 1997

    • Collaborating with
        Prof. Viktor Ginzburg. Massachusetts Institute of Technology, Cambridge MA, USA

      Group Actions on Symplectic Manifolds

    • Collaborating with
        Prof. Efrat Shimshoni. University of Haifa, Haifa, Israel

      Duality, Nonlinear Dissipation and Novel Insulators in theQuantum Hall Regime

    • Collaborating with
        Dr. A. Paul Alivisatos. University of Californiaת Berkeley, CA, USA

      Collective Effects in III-V Semiconductor Nanocrystal Arrays

    • Collaborating with
        Prof. Amnon Stanger, Technion, Haifa, Israel

      Strained-ring Annelated Cyclophanes: Precursors to NovelStair-Step Polymers

  • 1996

    • Collaborating with
        Dr. Nimrod Moiseyev. Technion, Haifa, Israel

      Study of Electromagnetic Wave-Dynamics in Optical-Devices for the Application of Laser-Technology

    • Circuit Complexity and Proof Theory

    • Collaborating with
        Prof. Bertrand Halperin. Harvard University, Cambridge MA, USA

      Interaction and Disorder in the Quantum Hall Effect and Quantum Dynamics of Josephson Junction Arrays

  • 1995

    • Collaborating with
        Dr. Marian Sigman, University of California, Los Angeles CA, USA

      A Longitudinal Study of Siblings of Children with Autism

    • Object Recognition, Pose Estimation and Indexing Using Region Correspondence

    • Collaborating with
        Dr. Gideon Weiss, Haifa University, Haifa Israel

      Scheduling and Control of Manufacturing Systems by Fluid Model Heuristics

  • 1994

    • Collaborating with
        Dr. Eric Young, John Hopkins University, Baltimore MD, USA

      Spatial Sensitivity of Auditory Field AES Neurons

    • Collaborating with
        Prof. James Resau, Frederick Cancer Research Center, Frederick MD, USA

      Met and HGF/SF in Mammary Development and Carcinogenesis

    • Collaborating with
        Prof. Oren Hasson, The Hebrew University, Jerusalem Israel

      The Evolution of Sexual Dimorphism in Plexippus paykulli (Araneae: Salticidae)

    • Collaborating with
        Dr. Amihay Freeman, Tel Aviv University, Ramat Aviv, Israel

      Biotechnological Applications of Genetically Engineered Bacterial Cell Surface Proteins

  • 1993

    • Communication Complexity and Circuit Lower Bounds

    • Approximation Algorithms and their Complexity

    • Collaborating with
        Prof. Amotz Agnon. Hebrew University, Jerusalem Israel

      Stress Field During Rifting and Diking: Theory & Yizre'el Graben

  • 1992

    • Collaborating with
        Dr. David Gershon, Technion - Israel Institute of Technology, Haifa Israel

      Analysis of The Response to Heat Stress in Senescence

    • Collaborating with
        Prof. George Lorimer, E. DuPont de Nemours, Wilmington DE, USA

      Structure-Function Analysis of the Chaperonin Molecule:A Mutagenesis Approach

    • Collaborating with
        Prof. Barry Honig, Columbia University, NY NY, USA

      Interaction of Peptide Antigen from Human Immunodeficiency Virus with Antibody

  • 1991

    • Collaborating with
        Dr. James Spudich, Stanford University, Stanford CA, USA

      Control Mechanism of Chemotaxis and Development in Dichyostelium

    • Collaborating with
        Prof. Paul Solomon, IBM Watson Research Center, Yorktown NY, USA

      Transport Properties of Coulomb Coupled,,Spatially Separated Electron and Hole G Gases

    • Collaborating with
        Dr. Samuel Karlin, Stanford University, Stanford, CA, USA

      Refinements and Applications of Large Deviations Techniques

  • 1990

      • Dr. Edmund Bertschinger Massachusetts Institute of Technology, Cambridge, MA, USA
        Personal Homepage
      Collaborating with
        Dr. Avishai Dekel, Hebrew University, Jerusalem Israel
        Dr. George Blumenthal, University of California, Santa Cruz CA, USA

      Large Scale Motions and Dark Matter in the Universe

    • Collaborating with
        Prof. Noga Goldring, Hebrew University, Jerusalem, Israel
        Dr. Richard Scheller, Stanford University, Stanford CA, USA

      Structural and Functional Analysis of Major Synaptic Vesicle Protein From Torpedo

    • Collaborating with
        Dr. William Thacker. University of Miami, Miami FL, USA
        Dr. Carl Wunsch, Massachusetts Institute of Technology, Cambridge MA, USA

      A North Atlantic Inverse Model, Using a Numerical General Circulation Model

  • 1989

      • Prof. Michael S. Bradley University of Connecticut, Storrs, CT, USA
      Collaborating with
        Dr. Shlomo Efrima, Ben Gurion University, Beer-Sheva Israel

      Studies of Interfacial Metal Liquid-like Films

    • A Theoretical and Experimental Program on Transition to Turbulent Wall-Jet Flow

    • Collaborating with
        Dr. Keith Nelson, Massachusetts Institute of Technology, Cambridge MA, USA

      Femtosecond Time Resolved Excimer Formation in the Liquid Phase

    • Knowledge Representation for Intelligent Agents

    • Collaborating with
        Dr. Zvi Selinger. Hebrew University, Jerusalem, Israel
        Dr. Baruch Minke, Hebrew University, Jerusalem, Israel

      Analysis of Inositol Lipid Signalling in Drosophila Mutants

  • 1988

    • Collaborating with
        Dr. David Nelson. Harvard University, Cambridge MA, USA

      Statistical Mechanics of Tethered and Related Surfaces

    • Collaborating with
        Dr. J. Philip Thornber. University of California, Los Angeles CA, USA

      Biogenesis Assembly and Structure of Photosystem I

    • Collaborating with
        Prof. Michael Ben-Or, Hebrew University, Jerusalem, Israel
        Dr. Michael Sipser, Massachusetts Institute of Technology, Cambridge MA, USA

      Inherent Complexity of Computational Problems

    • Collaborating with
        Dr. Arthur Heuer, Case Western Reserve University, Cleveland OH, USA
        Dr. Pirouz Pirouz, Case Western Reserve University, Cleveland OH, USA

      Interface Characterization and Stability in Silicon Carbide/Glass Ceramic System

    • Collaborating with
        Dr. Guy Deutscher, Tel Aviv University, Ramat Aviv, Israel
        Dr. Moshe Paz-Pasternak, Tel Aviv University, Ramat Aviv, Israel
        Dr. Clyde Kimball, Northern Illinois University, DeKalb IL, USA

      Anisotropy, Valence and Pressure Effects on High Tc Super-conducting Oxides

  • 1987

    • Collaborating with
        Prof. Yael Lubin, Ben-Gurion University, Beer Sheva, Israel
        Prof. Barry Pinshow, Ben-Gurion University, Beer Sheva, Israel

      Optimal Dispersal in a Desert Widow Spider

    • Collaborating with
        Dr. Daniel Kleitman, Massachusetts Institute of Technology, Cambridge MA, USA

      Effective Combinatorial Results with Algorithmic Applications

    • Collaborating with
        Dr. David Thouless, University of Washington, Seattle WA, USA

      Quantum Tunneling and Interference Effects in Submicron Systems

      • Prof. Assaf Sukenik Israel Oceanographic & Limnological Research, Haifa, Israel
        Personal Homepage
      Collaborating with
        Prof. Ami Ben-Amotz Israel Oceanographic & Limnological Research, Haifa, Israel
        Prof. Paul Falkowski, Brookhaven National Laboratory, Long Island NY, USA

      Regulation of Lipid Production in Marine Unicellular Algae

  • 1986

    • Collaborating with
        Prof. Daniel Nathans, Johns Hopkins University, Baltimore MD, USA

      Molecular Genetics of Mammalian Ornithine Decarboxylase

    • Collaborating with
        Dr. Michael Dine, CUNY, City College, NY


      • Dr. Noam Gavriely Technion, Israel Institute of Technology, Haifa, Israel
      Collaborating with
        Dr. James Grotberg, Northwestern, Evanston IL, USA

      Role of Airway Flow-Limitation in Generation of Respiratory Wheezes

    • Collaborating with
        Dr. Abraham Nitzan, Tel Aviv University, Ramat Aviv, Israel
        Dr. Robert Gerber, Hebrew University, Jerusalem, Israel

      Theoretical Studies of Surface Diffusion

  • 1985

    • Collaborating with
        Dr. Ronald Levy, Stanford University, Stanford CA, USA

      Expression of Recombinant V [Mouse] -C [Human] Monoclonal Antibodies in Lymphocytes

    • Collaborating with
        Dr. David Gross, Princeton University, Princeton NJ, USA

      Static and Dynamic Properties of Random Magnets

    • Collaborating with
        Dr. Sidney Strauss, Tel Aviv University, Ramat Aviv, Israel
        Dr. Susan Carey, Harvard University, Cambridge MA, USA

      The Development of the Concepts of Heat and Temperature

  • 1983

    • Collaborating with
        Prof. Craig Giroux, National Institutes of Health, Research Triangle Park NC, USA

      Cellular Oncogene Homologs in Yeast

    • Collaborating with
        Prof. Mark Cardillo, Bell Telephone Laboratories, Murray Hill NJ, USA

      Controlled Molecular Fragmentation from Supersonic Molecular Beams

    • Collaborating with
        Dr. Thomas Wallsten, University of North Carolina, Chapel Hill NC, USA

      Non-Numerical Judgments of Subjective Probabilities

      • Dr. Shmuel Fishman Technion, Israel Institute of Technology, Haifa, Israel
      Collaborating with
        Dr. Richard Prange, University of Maryland, College Park MD, USA

      Chaos, Quantum Dynamics, Localization, Incommensurabilityand Quenched Randomness

    • Collaborating with
        Prof. Tsevi Mazeh, Tel Aviv University, Ramat Aviv, Israel

      High Speed Observations of Be Stars Associated with X-Ray Sources

  • 1982

    • Collaborating with
        Prof. Floyd Bloom, Salk Institute for Biological Studies, San Diego CA, USA

      Vasoactive Intestinal Polypeptide: From Gene to Peptide

    • Collaborating with
        Dr. Nihat Berker, Massachusetts Institute of Technology, Cambridge MA, USA
        Dr. Amnon Aharony, Tel Aviv University, Ramat Aviv, Israel
        Prof. Erling Pytte, IBM Watson Research Center, Yorktown NY, USA

      Theoretical Studies of Multicritical Phenomena