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The Prof. Rahamimoff Travel Grant Program for Young Scientists

  • Where should I send the application?

    Send it by email attachment to

  • What is the best time window to submit my application?

    The BSF avoids funding Ph.D. students near the end of their thesis work, since we expect that the trip will not contribute much to their research. On the other hand, students in the very early stages of their Ph.D. work may not be clear yet on the direction of their research, and on their needs. An exception to this is in the case of students who continue their Ph.D. studies at the same lab they did their MSc, and the work is the extension of their previous work. In this case, early application makes sense and is treated accordingly. The typical application is in the second or third year of the Ph.D. studies.

  • I was turned down, can I resubmit in a future round?

    If your application was turned down because the panel felt that it was too early, or your personal record was not competitive, but since then you have progressed (and may have published more), you may resubmit. Before embarking on a new application, it is advisable to contact Dr. Rachel Haring by phone or mail (+972-2-5828239;, and discuss your situation with her.

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