Cooperating psychologists Profs. Daphna Joel (Tel Aviv Univ) and Nathaniel Daw (New-York Univ) taking a break
Mechanical Engineers Profs. Guillermo Paniagua (Purdue Univ.) and Beni Cukurel (Technion) take a break to enjoy the Negev desert
Research partners Profs. Dennis Discher (Univ. Penn.) and Samuel Safran (Weizmann Inst of Science) at a poster of Discher's group at the BMES, Atlanta
Research partners Prof. Jerome Busemeyer (Indiana Univ) and Dr. Goren Gordon (Tel-Aviv Univ) discussing a quantum cognitive model
Biologists Profs. Jerri Bartholomew (Oregon State Univ) and Tamar Lotan (Haifa Univ) on the Sea of Galilee
Profs. Micha Sharir (Tel-Aviv Univ) and Pankaj Agarwal (Duke Univ)
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U.S-Israel Binational Science Foundation

Advancing Science through U.S.-Israel Collaboration 50 Years of Innovation

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Since its inception, the BSF has awarded over $1 Billion to over 5,500 research projects of the highest quality. Many of these have led to important scientific, medical and technological breakthroughs.

The U.S.-Israel Binational Science Foundation (BSF) promotes scientific relations between the U.S. and Israel by supporting collaborative research projects in a wide area of basic and applied scientific fields, for peaceful and non-profit purposes.

Founded in 1972 by an agreement between the United States and Israel, the BSF is an independent body, directed by a board of governors consisting of five American and five Israeli members. Its base of operation is in Israel.

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BSF grantees for over 10 years, Nobel Laureates Profs. Avraham Hershko and Aaron Ciechanover (Technion)


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BSF grantees for over 10 years, Nobel Laureates Profs. Avraham Hershko and Aaron Ciechanover (Technion)

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  • 50 Nobel Prize laureates
  • 09 Winners of the Turing Award
  • 71 Recipients of the Wolf Prize
  • 09 Recipients of the Fields Medal
  • 25 Winners of the Albert Lasker Medical Research Award

Scientific Achievements

BSF support has paved the way for numerous scientific, medical and technological breakthroughs with wide-ranging practical applications.

All Scientific Achievements
  • Nobel-winning discovery of critical cell function

    The 2004 Nobel Prize for Chemistry was awarded to Profs. Avram Hershko and Aaron Ciechanover (Technion), together with Prof. Irwin Rose (UC Irvine), for…
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  • Pioneering Advances in Computer Science and Robotics

    BSF-supported research in computer science has spurred pioneering advances in computational geometry, which lies at the heart of diverse areas such as robotics and…
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  • Cancer Diagnostics

    The BSF played a key role in the worldwide use of PET (Positron Emitting Tomography) to identify functional disorders, indicating cancer. The development of…
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    Dr. Sherry Tamone (Univ Alaska) with her student and a graduate student of Prof. Amir Sagi (Ben Gurion Univ.) Tom Levy at their study area in Alaska
    Discussing the results are Profs. Phil Baran (Scripps Research Institute) and Doron Shabat (Tel Aviv Univ.)
    In the lab of Prof. Jerri Bartholomew (Oregon State Univ.) , her student Stephen Atkinson with Prof. Tamar Lotan (Univ of Haifa)
    Computer scientists Dr. Jonathan Berant (Univ. Tel Aviv) and Dr. Vivek Srikumar (Univ. Utah) with students
    Dr. Onn Crouvi (Geological Survey of Israel) with students studying regional modelling of calcic soils on site in Southern Israel
    Hydrologists Profs. Yokochi Reika (Univ. Chicago), Peter Mueller (Aragone National Lab.), Yossi Yechieli (Israel Geological Survey), Eilon Adar (Ben-Gurion Univ.) and their students at the end of a intense two weeks sampling campaign at the shores of the Dead Sea (Ein Kedem hot spring) [pictured by Dr. A. Burg, Israel Geological Survey]
    Enjoying art are mathematicians Profs. Vladimir Berkovich (Weizmann Inst.) and Mattias Jonsson (Univ. of Michigan)
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Grantees Since 1973
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Granted Since 1973 in today’s Value
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The support of the BSF for over 23 years was essential for the discoveries that brought me the Nobel Prize. Thus, the BSF had a very important role in this achievement…..While I can survive without a BSF grant, this is not so with young Israeli scientists. This is very important for the future of Israeli science.

“I have known many Israeli and American scientists that have benefited enormously from these binational collaborations. In this way science in both countries has been greatly aided, but also the relationship between our two countries has been greatly strengthened.

The deep friendship and strategic partnership between Israel and the United States is built on the pillars of shared values, one of which is the perpetual search for knowledge and the advancement of science and technology for the good of mankind. For more than three decades, the BSF has embodied that vision…As former ambassadors who have been deeply involved in U.S.-Israel relations for many years, we strongly affirm the critical importance of the Israeli-American scientific enterprise, which the BSF is doing so much to promote with extraordinary effectiveness.

My research was supported by the BSF for almost 30 years…This enabled my research group to collaborate with two of the most outstanding scientists in the field of chemistry…..An additional important aspect of the BSF is the social-cultural one….builds bridges between Israeli and American researchers…with several [U.S. partners] I have continued to collaborate long after BSF grants have expired…I have also used BSF travel grants to send to the USA other researchers in my group, allowing them to interact directly with American colleagues, including graduate students. I believe this is a very important part of the BSF program…

The BSF has had a major influence in my career, when I started a collaboration with Jacob Klein (Weizmann)…My often twice per year visits to the Weizmann Institute increased contacts with other groups there and at other Israeli universities…There is no doubt that the BSF has had a defining influence on my global research program.