Start-Up Research Grants: Submission

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    1. PIs Submit and Approve Online Submission
    2. Research Authorities Approve
    3. May-June: Panel Meetings
    4. Compliance Check by the BSF


    • At the time the application is submitted, the junior PI may be no more than 10 years since the completion of his Ph.D/M.D studies (earliest of the two).
    • A typical start-up application is by a junior PI together with a senior one. The senior PI on a start-up application cannot be funded.
    • Only up to two junior PIs may apply together for a start-up grant, one Israeli and one American, and they can apply with or without an unfunded senior scientist.
    • A junior PI on a start-up grant may not simultaneously submit another grant application to the BSF, or currently hold another grant from the BSF, other than NSF-BSF grants. A senior PI on a start-up application may submit a second application in the same round.
    • A start-up application can be awarded only once.

    Financial Terms

    • The BSF will provide $75,000 for a 24-month period. The grant is meant to cover personnel, consultants, supplies, small equipment and travel required by the project. The grant will not cover any part of the principal investigator’s salary.
    • Starting with the 2019 round, institutional contribution to the grant will not be required.
    • The senior PI who is collaborating with a junior PI on a start-up application is not eligible for any BSF support except for travel funds.
    • If both applicants in a start-up application are junior PIs, each will be eligible for the full amount of the start-up grant.

    Submission Information

    Submission to the Start-Up program is identical to that of a regular (non-Start-Up) BSF Research Grant, except that indication that this is a Start-Up application must be added at the appropriate place in the form.

    See BSF Research Grants Submission Information

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