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    Novel mechanism of drug resistance in cancer cells

    Prof. Sherman Michael Ariel University Israel

    Prof. Mirny Leonid Massachusetts Institute of Technology USA

    Area of Research: Life Science - Genetics, Bioinformatics and Computational Biology | Functional Genomics
    Keywords: drug resistance, irinotecan, DNA breaks, DNA repair
    2021 | 2021137 | $198000
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    Characterizing Epigenetic Regulators of Virulence and Lifestyle Shifts in an Entomopathogenic Fungus

    Dr. Ment Dana Agricultural Research Organization Israel

    Dr. Granek Joshua Duke University - Medical Ctr USA

    Area of Research: Life Science - Microbiology | Pathogenic Mycology
    Keywords: Epigenetics, DNA Methylation, Fungal Pathogen, Single- Molecule Sequencing, Bioinformatics, Transcriptome, Entomopathogenic Fungi, Host-pathogen Interaction, Saprophytic development
    2021 | 2021135 | $204000
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    The blood-brain barrier as a target for diagnosis and treatment in Epilepsy

    Prof. Friedman Alon Ben Gurion University Israel

    Prof. Kaufer Daniela University of California USA

    Dr. Benninger Felix Rabin Medical Center Israel

    Area of Research: Medicine - Neurological and Sensory Systems | Clinical Neurobiology
    Keywords: blood-brain barrier, epilepsy, drug-resistance, imaging
    2021 | 2021133 | $284000
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    rRNA Methylation as a Rheostat for Translational Control by One-Carbon Metabolism

    Dr. Nachmani Daphna The Hebrew University Israel

    Prof. Kanarek Naama Boston Children`s Hospital USA

    Area of Research: Life Science - Molecular Biology and Genomic Research | Translation
    Keywords: 1C-metabolism, RNA modifications, translation
    2021 | 2021127 | $170000
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    Mechanisms of Pro-Resolving Mediators in Peri-implant Regeneration

    Prof. Wilensky Asaf Research Fund of the Hadassah Medical Organization Israel

    Prof. Van Dyke Thomas The Forsyth Institute USA

    Area of Research: Medicine - Cytoskeleton and Support Systems | Dental Medicine
    Keywords: Peri-implantitis, periodontal regeneration, Specialized Proresolving lipid Mediators, Resolvin D2, Dental implants
    2021 | 2021124 | $304000
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    DNA methylation contributes to prenatal maternal stress-associated pain hyper-sensitivity in adulthood

    Dr. Lax Elad Ariel University Israel

    Prof. Stone Laura University of Minnesota; Medicine USA

    Area of Research: Psychobiology | Brain and Behavior
    Keywords: early-life stress, Chronic pain, DNA methylation, Frontal Cortex
    2021 | 2021123 | $85000
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    A Dual-payload Ratiometric Targeted-delivery System Guided by a Bi-specific Antibody for Pancreatic and Triple-negative Breast Cancers

    Prof. Gellerman Gary Ariel University Israel

    Prof. Patsenker Leonid Ariel University Israel

    Dr. Mirzabekov Tajib Biomirex, Inc. USA

    Area of Research: Biomedical Engineering | Biological Systems and Signals, Control Systems and Imaging
    Keywords: Drug Delivery Systems, Bispecific Antibody, Quantitative fluorescence monitoring, Ratiometry, Pancreatic cancer, Triple Negative Breast Cancer
    2021 | 2021122 | $216000
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    Uncovering the molecular composition of the nodes of Ranvier

    Prof. Peles Elior Weizmann Institute of Science Israel

    Prof. Rasband Matthew Baylor College of Medicine USA

    Area of Research: Life Science - Neurobiology | Developmental Neurobiology
    Keywords: Node of Ranvier; Axon initial segment; Myelin; Schwann cells; Oligodendrocyte; Axon-glia interaction; cell adhesion
    2021 | 2021118 | $198000
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    The role of RBFOX2 as a suppressor of pancreatic cancer tumor progression and metastasis.

    Prof. Karni Rotem The Hebrew University Israel

    Prof. Krainer Adrian Cold Spring Harbor Laboratory USA

    Area of Research: Medicine - Cancer | Oncology
    Keywords: pancreatic cancer, splicing, RBFOX2, metastasis
    2021 | 2021108 | $250000
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    Using the near-germline precursors of the anti-HIV-1 broadly neutralizing antibody BG18 as template for HIV-1 vaccine design

    Dr. Freund Natalia Tel Aviv University Israel

    Prof. Nussenzweig Michel Rockefeller University USA

    Area of Research: Life Science - Immunology | Antibodies
    Keywords: neutralizing antibodies, HIV-1, germline
    2021 | 2021106 | $75000
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    The role of RNA modifications and non-coding RNAs during the developmental cycle of the human pathogen Trypanosoma brucei.

    Prof. Michaeli Shulamit Bar Ilan University Israel

    Prof. Tschudi Christian Yale University USA

    Prof. Unger Ron Bar Ilan University Israel

    Area of Research: Life Sciences | Life Science - Microbiology
    Keywords: Trypanosomes; RNA modification; Non-coding RNA
    2021 | 2021103 | $256000
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    The role of DLX5/6 regulatory elements in craniofacial development and craniosynostosis

    Dr. Birnbaum Ramon Ben Gurion University Israel

    Dr. Peter Inga Icahn School of Medicine at Mount Sinai USA

    Area of Research: Life Science - Genetics, Bioinformatics and Computational Biology | Genetic Diseases
    Keywords: Gene regulation, chromatin interactions, enhancers, craniosynostosis, craniofacial development
    2021 | 2021102 | $174000
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    What Does This Goo Do With Cu? Discovery of a Specific Copper Binding Site in Gel-Forming Mucins

    Prof. Fass Deborah Weizmann Institute of Science Israel

    Prof. Franz Katherine Duke University USA

    Dr. Chacon Kelly Reed College USA

    Prof. Lutsenko Svetlana Johns Hopkins University USA

    Area of Research: Life Science - Biochemistry | Protein Chemistry
    Keywords: copper, mucin, mucus, histidine, methionine, X-ray crystallography, reactive oxygen species
    2021 | 2021097 | $284000
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    Unraveling cellular and genotypic heterogeneity of ASD using systems genetics

    Prof. Shifman Sagiv The Hebrew University Israel

    Dr. Hormozdiari Fereydoun The Regents of the University of California USA

    Area of Research: Life Science - Molecular Biology and Genomic Research | Genomic Research
    Keywords: Autism, de novo mutations, scRNA-seq, modules, CRISPR screen, gene expression, risk genes
    2021 | 2021092 | $228000
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    The roles of thymic epithelial ICAM-1 and VCAM-1 in thymocyte selection and epithelial differentiation

    Prof. Alon Ronen Weizmann Institute of Science Israel

    Dr. Hogquist Kristin University of Minnesota USA

    Area of Research: Life Science - Immunology | Autoimmunity
    Keywords: thymocyte selection, lymphocyte differentiation, autoimmunity, adhesion, antigen presentation
    2021 | 2021088 | $284000
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