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    Grantees must submit to the BSF both scientific reports and fiscal reports. All science and fiscal reports must be submitted through the initiating investigator’s institution, namely the research authority office that submitted the grant application.

    All inventions and discoveries of potential economic value resulting from supported research should be promptly and fully reported, without waiting for the annual progress report.

    The BSF must be informed of any research results of unusual interest as they occur.

    In recognition of the investigator’s interest to be the first to publish research results, the BSF will, if specifically requested to do so, allow a reasonable period of time to elapse prior to distribution of science reports.

    Scientific Reports

    Both annual and final science reports are required and should be submitted through the website.

    All PIs must approve the report online and the initiator’s research authority/office/administration needs to approve it online as well.

    Annual Report

    A short annual science progress report should be submitted one month before completion of each year of the grant except for the final year (see below). The report is evaluated prior to approval of the next year’s grant.

    Final Science Report

    The final science report should be submitted no later than two months after the completion of the grant period. It should contain a detailed description of research results and achievements of the project in its entirety. Final science reports will include a summary that will appear on the BSF website.

    Fiscal Reports

    The grantee institution must keep a separate recording of all the project’s expenditures. These accounts provide the basis for the fiscal reports, which should relate to budgetary items agreed upon in the contract.

    Annual and final fiscal reports should be submitted on the forms provided by the BSF (one copy). The report must list the total expenditures for the year, together with the budgeted amounts for each item. The reports should be submitted within two months of completion of each 12 months during the period covered by the research contract.